Our Mission

two objectives:

-Fair and transparent supply chains

-Do as little harm as possible to the Earth.

Made to Last


Everything we make is designed to last. Your t-shirt will hold up for years to come and when you are finally ready to retire it you can compost it or have it recycled. Whatever its fate, our products have the end of life figured into the design long before you ever buy it. Being sustainable shouldn't be so hard to figure out.

We make long lasting garments that can gently return to the earth it came from, having as minimal an impact as a new garment can. We really hope you will love your garment for years and repair it or send to us to repair or dispose of when you're done. Get in touch and see about our upcoming repair and recycle programs.

Made Well


Why make things in a country like Cambodia? Simple, we wanted to have an impact. We want to work with small producers around the world to empower communities help develop their fair trade and sustainable sectors. We think it is worth it to make sure we are paying skilled artisans a fair living wage.

In countries like Cambodia it can be difficult to pass labor laws. American and European companies have been known to threaten leaving if a country increases wages too high. One of the best ways to fight this is to provide jobs for people in these communities who already work within this sector and just want a fair wage.

Supporting these jobs supports community development and empowers women.

Checkout fairsew.com to learn more

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