Our Mission

main objectives:

1. Fair and transparent supply chains

2. Do as little harm as possible to the Earth.


What does it mean for something to be "made well?" We think it means making something good that makes the world a little bit better in the process. That is exactly what we set out to do. 


Made good

Our shirts are made in Cambodia because we wanted to have an impact beyond just feeling. We wanted to actually contribute to better jobs and opportunities around the world that are future oriented. Our goal is to work with small producers around the world to empower communities and help develop their fair trade and sustainable sectors.

We think it is worth it to make sure we are paying skilled artisans a fair living wage. Simply moving production back to Western countries can often punish industries for the negligence of their governments and corporations and that does not seem very fair. Things do not get better unless we support and empower those trying to do better. That is why we are as transparent about every step as we can be so you know exactly what you are buying and who from. 

Supporting fair jobs in the garment industry supports community development and empowers women.

Made well

All of our products are designed with sustainability in mind as much as the human component which is why we use hemp for everything. It is stronger than cotton and lasts longer while having a lower eco footprint as hemp is far better than cotton for the environment. 

Along with being more eco-friendly to make, they are more eco-friendly to own. The hemp blend means the shirt will last years longer than traditional organic cotton. After many many years when the shirt is finally ready to be retired we have even thought of the most sustainable way to get rid of it, throw it into compost. Or recycle, but either way there is nothing else needed to dispose of it, and you dont need fancy machines, a home pile will be fine.

Being sustainable does not just mean planting one tree for every shirt sold, its about making sure the entire process from creation, to use, to disposal has been thought of and we obsess about making each step of the products life as sustainable as possible.