Natural dyes

We did it.

We are transitioning into using only natural dyes on our 100% compostable shirts to give you the most natural modern basics imaginable. We are also working on making dye kits for you to do your own natural dyeing at home with ease. Stay tuned for more information as we continue to grow our naturally dyed range and selections.


MAdder Root

Rubia Tinctorum is a root plant from India that creates brilliant reds, pinks, oranges, and browns. It is one of the oldest known red dyes having been used since ancient times.



Reseda Luteola is a weed found all over Europe that produces vibrant yellows and is one of the most light-fast natural yellow dyes. It can also easily be used to overdye with madder and indigo for oranges and greens.


Indigofera Tinctoria is the best well known of the dye we use. Also from India, it produces deep blues through an oxidation process that looks like magic, transforming from green to blue as it leaves the dye vat. The more times you dip it, the darker the color.



Corymbia Opaca is a species native to Australia that produces vibrant lavender and purples. It can be used with iron or other dyes to create grays and blacks. It is one of our favorite dyes as it is easy to work with and absolutely beautiful.


Gallnuts are defensive mechanisms used by trees to ward off infections and pests. They are high in tannins and can be used for dyeing or mordanting. When used as a dye they produce long lasting beiges and with iron make for nice grays and blacks.