Why Natural?

Plastic pollution from clothing has reached almost every water supply that we use and the problem will only get worse. Microfibers from synthetic clothing are large contributors to micro-plastic pollution and we want to provide a healthy alternative.


We use non-toxic low-impact dyes so the shirt can return to dirt. Easy. The hemp/cotton blend can also be easily recycled as it does not have any elastane or other polyester threads. 

One of the pitfalls of organic cotton is that it uses a lot of land and water. Hemp uses about 1/3 of the total water to produce and under 1/2 the space. We do not have to abandon cotton in a sustainable future, we just need to find new ways to effectively use it.

Hemp is Better


Hemp is a wonder crop and by blending it with cotton in our t-shirts we use 37% less water overall, amounting to over 700 liters of water saved per shirt.

Hemp also uses fewer pesticides than cotton and both hemp and cotton require less energy to produce than synthetic or even recycled materials.

No detail too small


We are committed to our goal of bringing you the best products we can and that means no detail is too small to make sure it is done right.


• Tags for our products are made on recycled paper that can be composted or even planted depending on the range.

• The tags are secured with natural beeswaxed hempwick or twine.

• Our packaging is 100% compostable/recyclable and made from post-consumer products including coffee ink from used coffee grounds.

There is only one way to reduce the amount of plastic in our lives, make things without plastic and package things without plastic. So we did that.

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