Shibui Embroidery is run by Mariana Kamimura. She is a dancer, a teacher, and an artist. Her preferred canvas? Canvas. Her preferred brush? A needle.


With these two ingredients she can bring to life animals from a pair of old denim, or remind us of our wishes, dreams, and shortcomings with natural materials and minimal impact.

Handmade in Amsterdam, each piece is uniquely crafted for hours at a time using the most sustainable materials. Designed by a teacher of young minds and lover of all things sewing and embroidery.

The Upcycled Range uses fabrics from old discarded clothing, sheets, any fabrics that cannot continue their life as garments really. For dolls, this even includes upcycled acryllic stuffing from old duvets or pillows.


The Natural Range uses all natural materials, much of it locally sourced from right here in the Netherlands, reducing the overall carbon footprint.

All of the latest updates are available on instagram first and some items never make it to the etsy webstore because people buy them too quickly. Follow her to find out all about the latest releases of one of a kind hand made embroidery and dolls!