Fair, Natural, Compostable, that is the core of what we do.

Our fabrics are sourced from fair suppliers and our shirts are made fairly in Cambodia.


We use only 100% natural materials that are compostable and are currently transitioning to natural dyes.


To further reduce our impact we use sustainable materials like hemp that use a fraction of the resources of other organic or recycled fabrics and is compostable for a simple end of life. Learn more about our values below.

Garden Soil

How we Operate

not for profit

We figured in order to stand for something different, we must be built differently. We are not listed as a private company, we are a stichting (foundation) and we plan to be as transparent as possible. Our mission is to help progress the sustainable fashion industry without profit motive or shareholders. This approach focuses on people first, like all jobs should. 



We only use the best natural materials for a closed loop from dirt to dirt. Bypassing the landfill and giving you a truly sustainable option completely free from plastic/synthetic fibers. Using hemp and low-impact dyes saves water and reduces chemical runoff.


Fairness and sustainability are extremely important to us. Unfortunately in the fashion industry a lot of brands will give partial info or no info and just claim to be sustainable. We can back up everything we do. If you think our suppliers or sources aren't sustainable or fair enough. Let us know. We want to  alway improve.



Why do clothes have a gender anyway? Clothes have different shapes just like people do, but that is about it. Our signature compostable shirt comes in a wide range of sizes from 35cm at the shoulder to 57cm at the shoulder. We hope to accommodate every body. If we have missed your size, please get in touch and lets see what we can do.    |  Amsterdam, NL
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