We are a foundation, not a company


The idea for nbdy began years ago in classrooms at the Universities of Florida and Leiden, but the project was ultimately born in Amsterdam in late 2017. Inspired by the sustainable fashion scene in Amsterdam we set out to be a new type of producer that operates differently than other brands on the market.


Rather than working for shareholders we wanted to work for the betterment of workers, consumers, and the planet. We are properly known as Stichting NBDY in the Dutch chamber of commerce as we are a stichting (foundation), not a BV (private company).



Our aim is to spread good jobs and good products at the same time.

Transparency is one of the ways we hope to achieve this. Here is our direct mission from our articles of incorporation, found in the KvK (Dutch chamber of commerce):

In simple terms: We want to make shoes and clothes that are made more fairly and sustainably, using those proceeds to promote even more sustainable ventures around the world. Reinvesting that money to other entrepreneurs.


Everything Slow

The social media era can often feel too fast paced from the turnover on what is in to how often we should look at our instagram or facebook feeds to stay up to date becomes overwhelming. We do not want to contribute to that. Our goal is to do everything slow.


That means we make clothing that is from quality materials and will last for years, as well as being in a style that will stay in fashion for each year you have it.


Slowing down is really the only way we can begin to combat fast fashion's effects on people and the planet. Slow in terms of sustainability but also our growth and everything we do is with a methodical touch. This makes for better products that are more fair and up to 100% natural and compostable.