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Compostable clothing does not break down on you

First we need to dispel one common myth, compostable clothing does not break down while you wear it like some other compostable or biodegradable products you make have used. It can take a long time to fully degrade if simply left in nature. However, in a properly kept compost heap, this process is only several months depending on conditions.

In fact despite what some may think, our hemp blend compostable t-shirt will actually last longer than a traditional cotton t-shirt. Hemp is about 3 times stronger than cotton and rather than wearing out and losing its softness over time, hemp will break-in and become softer.


Where Clothes Go

The majority of our excess clothing is discarded each year. In the UK alone, 3 million kg (about 6.61 millions lbs) of clothing was sent to landfills in 2016. Charity and secondhand shops can be a good alternative but they can sometimes be backlogged and often have to discard or ship items overseas.

To learn more about why composting clothing is important, read our "Why Compost" page that goes into more detail about the life cycle of garments.

Why Compostable?

Making our products compostable is a very important part of our mission.

Compostable clothing gives a simple and easy end of life for each product. It simply becomes dirt. Everything has to go somewhere, why not back into the ground where it came from?

Compostable goods like these are also easily recycled since they do not contain blended synthetic materials.

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Our Plan

As people continue to learn about the wonders of composting we hope to spread the idea that composting clothes is a great way to close the loop on fashion. From dirt to dirt is our vision, although this is not always the most sustainable first option. Mindful mending and upcycling are both great options for caring of your clothes and making them last longer.

When the day comes that your upcycled or mended garment is starting to fall apart from the fabric being too old, we want a nice sustainable home for clothes that is not just a landfill. Recycling can be great, but if you cannot find a place to recycle, or you want to close the loop, there is always the option to compost locally or even at home. That is our goal, to provide you with many different sustainable ways that you can ultimately discard our products, if you ever do.

Our products are all recyclable and compostable. Join us on our mission to reduce waste and live more sustainably.